Argentine Tango Show

Life was completely normal until one of Argentina's biggest economic crises changed everything. Many Argentinians left the country, but even in exile they kept the TANGO IN THE BLOOD...

Dancers: Gonzalo Angeles & Samantha Garcia - Gustavo Gomez & Gabriela Gomez - Esequiel Maiolo & Flavia Cristaldo
Axel Quintana & Lidia Kondilidis - Romina Cardozo & Pablo Cardozo - Luci Gomez & Lao Maiolo

Friday 14. December 2018

Entrance from 19:00 Uhr

Kulturzentrum Milbertshofen

Curt Mezger Platz 1, 80809 München


Normal: €25
Students: €18

The Union

Tango Argentino Munich e.V.i.G.

We organize events in and around Munich

About us

9 professional tango dancers, 5 Munich tango schools united

Our goal

We want to promote cooperation between the Munich Tango Schools, promote and nurture the authentic and professional Tango Argentino and the related culture, and inspire more and more people to do so.
Note to the Articles of Association: Articles in preparation

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